Mike Bustin has been performing as a professional musician in the midwest and southeast for over a decade.  He performs on average about 225-250 shows a year.  Mike has the ability to cater his performances to just about any clientele because of his vast song list, and the ability to read and understand a crowd.  "I'd say the compliment I get that makes me the happiest is when someone says they love how I jump around from genre to genre, and decade to decade."  It isn't out of the ordinary for Mike to jump from a 70's singer-songwriter song, to a popular pop song on the radio today, to a 90's country song, to a 50's classic, then a TV theme song.  "I really do try and make every show special.  I not only want the guests to enjoy it, but also the staff of the venues I play.  They're the ones that are forced to listen.  So I try my best to keep every gig fresh."  That's also why Mike's song list has grown to over 1,500 songs.  

From The Beatles to The Stones.  From Sam Cooke to John Legend.  From Talking Heads to Death Cab For Cutie.  From George Jones to Keith Urban.  And everything in between.  Mike performs every song with a level of authenticity that is usually only found in the original recording.  

Mike plays venues from bars, restaurants, weddings, corporate events, and private house parties for any occasion.  

Mike began playing once a week in a sandwich shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin purely as a hobby.  Very soon patrons took notice and began booking him for private events; weddings, house parties, corporate events, etc.  What began as a fun way to make a little cash (and a free lunch) soon turned in to a full time dream.

Mike played bars, restaurants, and many private events in the southeastern Wisconsin. After several years, family opportunities allowed him to make a move south to Charlotte, NC.  Mike played several venues that allowed him to expand his ever-increasing song list, not only in length but in genre.  Soon he was able to cater to almost any setting.  From playing high energy late night 20-something bars, to playing laid back private birthday parties for 50-somthings.

After a few years in Charlotte, Mike's family decided to make a move up to Winston-Salem, NC.  So, once again came the job of knocking on doors, shaking hands, and proving he should be taken seriously as a new face in the already established local music scene.  After establishing some regular weekly house gigs, Mike's name quickly spread around town as a go-to talent for not only bars and restaurants, but also several of the area vineyards and wineries.  This provided many other opportunities to perform for some highly respected corporate events, as well as some well known area celebrity homes.  

In 2016, Mike's family made the move back to Charlotte, NC.  He re-established connection there and while continuing to perform at venues in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and even locations around the Outer Banks of North Carolina, as well as in Charlotte.  He even went back to play some special events up in Wisconsin when the opportunity presented itself.
That brings us to 2019, and you guessed it, another move! This time back to the midwest to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Another city, another fresh start.  Mike is as excited and enthusiastic as ever to share his talents with new people.

Mike is excited about the possibilities coming in the near and distant future.  But above all, he is thankful for all the people that continue to support him in what he describes as "The greatest job in the world."